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I gave the sky dragons a platform, several threads in fact, it didn’t go very well for them as their arguments were debunked. The sky dragon group has been severely marginalized by those threads, which wouldn’t have happened if we followed your strategy.
– Judith Curry

When I have a technical post, there is generally some good albeit limited discussion, but comments invariably want to veer onto broader topics. The greenhouse effect remains of enduring interest. On some of the threads, physical chemists and molecular physicists showed up to provide their insights and clarify understanding. But these misconceptions remain in the dragonslayer group, although that group seems to be shrinking.
– Judith Curry

[T]he atmosphere does not act as a ‘blanket’ reducing the surface infrared cooling to space as maintained by the current GH theory, but is in and of itself a source of extra energy through pressure. This makes the GH effect a thermodynamic phenomenon, not a radiative one as presently assumed!
Together Equations (6) and (8) imply that the chemical composition of an atmosphere affects average air density through the molecular mass of air, but has no impact on the mean surface temperature.
Global surface temperature is independent of the down-welling LW flux known as greenhouse or back radiation, because both quantities derive from the same pool of atmospheric kinetic energy maintained by solar heating and air pressure.
– Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. & Karl Zeller, Ph.D.

“An excellent submission for peer 2 peer review”

“Absolutely fabulous.”

“Very convincing”

“Uh-oh.. physics at last. Congratulations.”

“What a wonderful end-of-year present. Dr Nikolov has neatly and convincingly explained what others (e.g. ‘The Slayers’) have been broadly asserting for some time but without, in my opinion, providing an intelligible or convincing argument.”

“I applaud the efforts to help rectify physical inconsistencies in the current GH concept.”

“Nice update to the science debate.”

“Exciting times to live in and WUWT is in the lead in providing a sounding board for alternative ideas. Congratulations.”

“Thermodynamics of an ideal gas. The greenhouse effect is INDEPENDENT of the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

“Very good and understandable reasoning.”

“This is what I call a “killer” publication.
As the “Unified Theory of Climate” provides us with a great explanation how atmosphhic pressure determines our climate the principal AGW doctrine is completely destroyed by these conclusions”

“Could this be Game Set and Match?.
This is the most sensible theory I have heard to explain how the total atmosphere works.”

“If this pans out then Nobel Prizes (at least) are in order.”

“Although much of the math is beyond me, this looks to me like an entirely new climate paradigm and is a major game-changer!”

“It’s a very pretty poster. Visually balanced between the left and right sides, and colors are well thought out.”

“Thank you Drs Nikolov & Zeller for this real science. Well done.”

– WUWT commenters


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