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Curry on climate sensitivity

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Climate sensitivity is somewhere between 1.5 C and 4.5 C for a doubling of carbon dioxide, due to feedbacks (primarily water vapor) in the climate system.
– Zeke Hausfather

I think we can bound this between 1 and 6C at a likely level, I don’t think we can justify narrowing this further.
– Judith Curry

JC On what basis do you set these upper and lower bounds?
When some models give results way above your 6C upper found and several researchers publish sensitivities half your 1 C lower bound, what are we to make of your bounds?
– David L. Hagen

That there is a 33% probability that that actual sensitivity could be higher or lower than my bounds. To bound at a 90% level, I would say the bounds need to be 0-10C.
– Judith Curry

0-10C at 90%? I’d say that makes you more of an alarmist than anyone I’ve ever read. Hansen is Pollyanna in comparison. That looks like a 50% chance of the end of civilization.
– Jeffrey Davis


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