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Curry on bloggers with no apparent understanding of the subject

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On the previous thread, Gavin brought up the Webster et al. (2005) Hurricane paper, in the context of an argument about how it would be equally easy to make the same criticism of the main Webster et al. figure that was made of the hide the decline figure.
This paper ignited a major #$%^storm, as intense as anything seen in the hockey stick debate. There was one big difference from the get go: we published the data set on our website upon publication of the paper. In addition to the climate change debate on this topic, meteorologists all over the world were digging into the data set, comparing ours with other data sets, identifying discrepancies, etc. Things got really really heated, with the full debate and controversy taking place in full glare of the media, we were fighting both the AGW skeptics and meteorologists who were questioning the data. The conflict peaked about 6 months after it started, with the “brain fossilization” crisis, which resulted in the combatants agreeing to disagree with more civility and to work together to sort this out. 10 months after the initiation of this tempest, scientists on both sides got together and made this joint statement.
– Judith Curry

That’s cool story Judy and I’mma let you finish, but does this mean the graphs in Webster et al (2005) aren’t misleading? What a relief.

(There is no question that the diagrams and accompanying text in Webster et al are misleading. I was misled. Upon considering the material presented in this paper, it did not occur to me that how long satellites have been making measurements in the infrared.)
– ds

The issues surrounding the data and appropriate caveats were described in the paper
– Judith Curry

But the graph is still misleading! And it’s misleading, because I was misled! How dishonest of Webster et al!
– ds

If anonymous bloggers with no apparent understanding of the subject are misled, it is not my problem but your problem
– Judith Curry

How can you betray so many loyal followers!?
– Michael



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