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Curry on anecdotal evidence

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When I refer to the IPCC dogma, it is the religious importance that the IPCC holds for this cadre of scientists; they will tolerate no dissent, and seek to trample and discredit anyone who challenges the IPCC.
– Judith Curry

Many of your readers will no doubt ignore this because of my association with RC, but my personal experience as a relatively young person in this game just doesn’t jive with what you are saying. I was highly critical of IPCC AR4 Chapter 6, so much so that the Heartland Institute repeatedly quotes me as evidence that the IPCC is flawed. Indeed, I have been unable to find any other review as critical as mine. I know — because they told me — that my reviews annoyed many of my colleagues, including some of my RC colleagues, but I have felt no pressure or backlash whatsover from it. Indeed, one of the Chapter 6 lead authors said “Eric, your criticism was really harsh, but helpful — thank you!”

So who are these brilliant young scientists whose careers have been destroyed by the supposed tyranny of the IPCC? Examples?
– Eric Steig

With regards to Eric Steig’s point, it is a nice statement, but it is an anecdote, the experience of one person. There are hundreds of contrary experiences.
– Judith Curry


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