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Curry gets branded, again

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I’ve mentioned these general ideas a number of times before, and the “mainstream” has declared me to be dotty, and not understanding that the equation ΔTs = λRF was carved in stone on Mount Sinai.
– Judith Curry

Can you point to where you’ve mentioned these general ideas and you’ve been declared “dotty” for doing so or is this another “It’s in my personal email” sort of thing?
– sharper00

many locations, no time to search now, see stoat, rabett run, tobis. i recall the word “dotty” being used by Eli Rabett, you can probably search for Curry dotty on google blogs.
– Judith Curry

A google search for “judith curry dotty” returns this post as the top result with nothing else of relevance I can see.

A full search of both Tobis’ blog and Eli Rabett’s returns no instance of the word “dotty” at all. Stoat’s has one instance from 2007 unrelated to you.

This is of course irrelevant to the no-feedback sensitivity issue which only makes it all the more odd that you raised it in the first place. I’m sure Oliver K Manuel and others are in full agreement with you that the scientific community reacts poorly to the mere questioning of basic principles and responds with pseudo-religious rhetoric about them being carved in stone.
– sharper00

I am removing the “dotty” sentence from my original post, no further discussion on this topic on this thread, pick it up on one of the other threads if you like. If i have time (and I am insanely busy today preparing to leave for the AGU meeting), I will cite instances where my statements on this subject have been criticized.
– Judith Curry


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