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Curry branded as a drama queen

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People don’t like me saying this, but none are defending me from the label of heretic for talking about overconfidence in the IPCC and concerns about treatment of the uncertainty (which stimulated the heretic label). Which seems to support my dogma argument.
– Judith Curry

Boris, the story is how my concerns about uncertainty resulted in my being regarded as a heretic, which implies the existence of dogma.
– Judith Curry

Gavin, how is my raising the issue of uncertainty and integrity of climate science grounds for branding as a heretic?
– Judith Curry

PDA, the heretic thing is not my narrative. See the Sci Am article. The issue of IPCC dogma was one of many elements of what I wrote. Call it something else if you want, the issue doesn’t go away.
– Judith Curry

It really strikes me as odd that you keep using that article as justification for your rhetoric. I’d never heard of that journalist before so why am I supposed to care what he thinks? Why is anyone supposed to care whether he thinks you’re a “heretic” or not?

Coming from an entirely blank perspective about the guy his article read like a standard “lone maverick challenges the consensus and they just might be right” story I’ve read countless times in relation to scientific topics.

I really find it very difficult to believe that the chain of logic is “Journalist labels you a heretic in the title of an article”–>”The existence of a heretic requires the existence of dogma” –>”You therefore feel happy labeling the output of the IPCC has dogma and its participants as priests”.

I also find it odd that in your own blog post about that article you remarked several times that this sort of behavior would move you from “heretic” to “apostate” but then you proceed to write a highly inflammatory piece of your own perhaps with an eye to realizing your own prophecy.
– sharper00

There is a legitimate difference of opinion as to whether the one word inserted by an editor to the title of one article in one publication represents Curry being “labeled a heretic” in any meaningful way.
For what it is worth I reject the label, whether used by an anonymous editor or self-applied by Curry. It’s meaningless. Curry is a gadfly with some good critiques, and a stealth advocate in my estimation. Heresy and apostasy are melodramatic terms to use for what she does, and I reject them.

Judith, you have it completely backwards. It is your unsupported insistence that ’some scientists’ think the ‘IPCC is dogma’ that draws criticism. But no-one actually thinks this (please cite some examples if you disagree). No-one thinks there is no uncertainty (likewise). And no-one thinks that you are a ‘heretic’, precisely because there is no dogma.
All anyone wants from you is clarity, evidence and logical thinking instead of vague, unverifiable, broadbrush attacks on (unnamed) people’s integrity.
– Gavin


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